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The Beautiful Hill Station Chopta Uttarakhand

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Blog Published On 30-Apr-2022

In Chopta, Forest Eco Resort is Where You Should Be!

Behold in the lush greens, nested in the lap of Himalayas, one destination that no one can ignore if they really love the mountains, Yes, we are talking about paradise - The Chopta Valley. Surrounded by mountain peaks, with meadows (bugyals), home to the highest Shiva temple in the world and with spectacular views, highlights and too much to explore, Chopta remains a prime attraction to travelers and tourists who are spiritually oriented towards finding a course to peace and sanity in life. At an elevation of around 2700 meters above sea level, this valley that falls under the Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary is a home to evergreen forests of deodar, pine and buransh and home to tons of wildlife species that includes wild leopard, boars, musk deer, monal, the little pika mouse and a lot more. Acclaimed for its adventurous essence, Chopta witnesses thousands of tourists every year to experience the calmest camps, treks, sporting, spotting and numerous other activities while seeking mental balance in the lap of mother nature. One of the major hotspots of the Kedarnath valley, Chopta offers a life you’ve never witnessed before.


How much does it excite to be around a valley that is enormous in terms of nature? A valley that’s engrossed with the blessings of Lord Shiva, with the Himalayas shining bright in the majestic lights from the sun and moon, the milky way fondling the clear sky with its charm and the greenery adding to the feeling of being in the wild, where more can you be when your heart calls for it? Following the cultural persona, a healthy belongingness towards the natural phenomenon, with a team that has been active in the valley for years catering experiences for thousands of travelers, Forest Eco Resort Chopta is your ideal destination if you are currently scanning hundreds of properties to find the Best Hotel in Chopta! The base for the Forest Eco Resort group, this resort in Chopta offers the best facilities in its class and has been known to be a favorite spot for travelers who often describe it to be the best stay in Chopta

Established in 2018, Forest Eco Resort Chopta is a pioneer of hospitality services in the valley. From comfortable and serene stays to organizing community treks and adventure activities, you name it, we have been determined to create the best experience for our guests. The Hudu village, known for its calm and composed environment, with villagers taking rural and sustainable tourism as their main source of livelihood, Forest Eco Resort Chopta offers a delightful experience full of loads to experience, explore, learn and even give back to the Himalayas in a quest to do better and help them heal.

With tented cottages, rooms and homely stays that are comfortable, secure and sound, Forest Eco Resort Chopta provides the best stay in Chopta with vivid facilities that makes your trip into the Himalayas all fun and no hassle. With a panoramic view of the lush green surroundings, and a scenery of culture, traditions with belongingness over the core, we provide our guests with the finest services in terms of accommodation, lodging, travel, food and experiences. This ideal Chopta Stay invites you to be a part of a fun loving stop over if you are traveling around, or for a weekend getaway, or maybe a long term work from the mountains, because when we say we are the best hotel in Chopta, it means that we got you covered with a superfast internet connection and full network zone that makes working from the mountains easy and convenient.

What’s Nearby?


The most acclaimed trek when it comes to exploring the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. At an elevation of 3690 meters from sea level is the highest temple of Lord Shiva in the world - Tungnath. Every year thousands of travelers seek this route to channelise their inner self and get to the path of sanity. A kilometer more from Tungnath lies Chandrashilla, or the moon rock that has been associated with the likes of Lord Rama in mythological tales. We provide customized travel itineraries with professional trek guides for traveling this route and summiting the highest peak in the region with the best stay in Chopta valley.

Known for its wide panorama of the Himalayan peaks like Chaukhamba, Bandarpoonch, Nilkantha and the Kedar Range, this lake at an elevation of 2400 meters above sea level. A three kilometer from Saari takes you to this mysterious lake that’s said to be once used by the divine beings to bathe thus gets its name from the mythologies. We, as the best hotel in Chopta provide an access to trek on an ancient route between Deoriatal and Tunganath and our team of professional trek guides give you the best experience while hiking the unexplored.


The wild forest of Pothibasa or the home to birds, that is one of the most dense patches in the region with over hundreds of bird species including Monal (that’s rare to be even noticed), Hilaans and Chakor and many more, is the ideal destination for travelers interested in bird watching and identifying. This patch also offers chilly roads, receives the best snowfall in winter, and ideally turns you in awe with the magic of nature taking a toll over you.

A spiritual pilgrimage in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, and a home to Utsava idols of Lord Shiva from Kedarnath and Madhyamaheshwar, when the temple shrines are closed due to heavy snowfall, Ukhimath is the pioneer space for tourist to visit who are seeking the lord.

As a sanctuary established with a purpose to protect musk deers, also shares its name with the animal, this wildlife conservation area in the Chopta valley is home to a lord of animal and bird species from the country and a migratory home to the others from all across the world. Likes of Indian Jackal, Himalayan Black Bear, Yellow Throated Marten, Himalayan Leopard, Red Flying Squirrel, Pika Mouse and even Snow Leopards have been spotted here, and give you a sneak peak if you’re lucky. Dedicated tours on wildlife conservation with professional training in photography can be arranged for enthusiasts who will be a part of adventure in this sanctuary while you spend your time with us - the best stay in Chopta.

When you book your stay with us, we make sure that it’s our hundred percent priority to be available for your adventure in all means. The best stay in chopta along with a lot of homestays and lodges work together in enriching an environment full of a mutual connect so that you never forget how beautiful it is to stay with us and make your trips more enlightening and wonderful. Looking forward to hosting you…


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