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Chopta Tungnath Trek

Author Anshul
Blog Published On 29-Nov-2021

About Tungnath Temple

Tungnath, the world’s highest Shiva temple and third among Panch Kedar is one of the hottest destinations for Himalayan and trekking lovers in the state of Uttarakhand. And Forest Eco Resort is the hotel near Tungnath, Chopta which provides you an experience of home away from home. We are at the best location if you are looking for camping in Chopta valley, Rudraprayag. With a traditional touch, we are here to host you in the lap of the spectacular beauty of the Himalayas. Away from the chaos of cities, we are located in the lush green forest to give you eternal peace in a homestay near Tungnath Mahadev,Chopta valley Uttarakhand at a very reasonable price. We are among the best resorts in Chopta Tungnath Trek which tops in hospitality.

Tungnath temple is located at an altitude of 3,680 m (12,073 ft) believed to one of the easiest and beautiful treks for beginners to trekking, hiking. The Temple of Tungnath is located below one of the most majestic peaks named Chandrashila. The location provides you the most spectacular, majestic view of the Himalayan range where the Himalayan lover can get a glimpse of Panchchuli, Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, Kedarnath, and Chaukhamba.

Legendary linked to Tungnath Mandir

The famous legend about the Tungnath goes all way back to the era of well-known Mahabharata, a battle between Pandavas and Kauravas. After the completion of war and the victory of Pandavas, sage Rishi Vyas advised Pandavas to adore lord Shiva to get pardoned for the killing of their kins in the battle. Pandavas were in search of Shiva whereas lord Shiva was already convinced of the guilt of Pandavas, Mahadev took the form of a bull and hide. Pandavas chased him to an underground haven at Guptkashi, where Shiva was hiding. Tungnath Ji is one of the five locations and identified as the place where the bahu (hands) of lord Shiva were seen whereas the hump was seen at world-famous Kedarnath Ji while the head appeared at Rudranath Ji; Shiva’s navel and stomach were seen at Madhyamaheshwar and his Jata (hair or locks) at Kalpeshwar located at Urgam Valley in Rudraprayag of Uttarakhand.

What’s Special About Chopta Tungnath Trek With Chandrashil Trek

Chopta Tungnath trek planned? The best thing about Chopta Tungnath trek is that it is a year-round trek as the level of fun, adventure and excitement is unique in every season. The most popular is the autumn and winter treks. If you want to fuel your inner courageous person, then this path will definitely work for your strength. Get ready to lose yourself in the mighty Himalayas.

  • Ideal duration: 4 days; Can also be covered in intervals of 5 and 6 days
  • Maximum height: 3,680 meters above sea level
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

Stays And Accommodation During Chopta Tungnath Trek

Tents, guest houses, and lodges are available for a comfortable stay during the trek on a solo as well as a sharing basis. While camps are available in Sari, Chandra Tal, Chopta, and Chandrashila, there are not many lodges available in the area. There are some good guesthouses in Sari and Chopta.

If you have booked your trip through a tour operator, be assured about your stay, they will take all the pain of arranging a stay for you. If you are planning a solo plan, keep a tent and sleeping bag in your rucksack. Should you not find a place to live, you will never feel abandoned. You can see our website on Tripadvisor.

Best Time For Tungnath Trek

The best time for Chopta Tungnath trek is when the temple is open in the month of May (summer) and the deity of Lord Tungnath is taken from Mukutamath to the Tungnath temple. To make the journey more exciting, you can also trek from January and March during winter.

The weather is very pleasant during summer in the Himalayas, with an average temperature of 16 degrees. The weather may get cold in the evening, thus, it is advisable to wear light woolen clothes to keep yourself warm.

Due to the rain, trekking in monsoon becomes a bit challenging here due to the possibility of roads being blocked for a few hours due to landslides. During the monsoon it becomes difficult to travel to Chopta.

The Tungnath trek in winter allows trekkers to enjoy trails and snow blankets covering the mountains. Chopta seems to be the best during winter, but accommodation options are limited to a few. The Tungnath trek in December can be more difficult as it starts with snow.

How To Reach Tungnath Temple

The length of the Tungnath trek from Chopta is about 4 km, so trekkers must first reach Chopta and then embark on the Tungnath trek. Located at an altitude of 2600 meters in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, Chopta is the start-off point for your Tungnath trek.

In winter, Chopta is embellished with snow grass, which blows your Tungnath trek during the winter season. The path of the Tungnath trek is embellished with coniferous, lakes and snow, which makes the journey more thrilling and a cat from a trek that you should take.

First of all, you have to reach Haridwar via railway which is 225 km from Chopta. Traveling via flight is another option and the nearest airport to Chopta is Jolly Grant Airport at a distance of 260 km. Next, catch a public bus to Chopta which is widely served to and from the city.

There are about 2 to 3 routes to reach Tungnath via Chopta, the one mentioned is the best among all. Once you reach Haridwar, you have to go towards Sari, which is 8 km from Haridwar. It is a picturesque base camp with lots of campuses, homestays and guest houses so that you can also plan to stay here.

Chopta Tungnath trekking facilities in resort

About Chopta valley – Chopta valley is a well-known but lesser explored tourist destination in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, the valley known for its natural beauty such as amazing waterfall, forest trails, crazy treks, rich wildlife, camping and fun. The valley is surrounded with dense lush green forest of Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary. The road to Chopta is really amazing and beautiful, riding bikes or car will give you a different riding experience in Chopta valley, Himalayas.  There are well known treks available in Chopta. Destination famous treks are – Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila trek, Deoriatal trek, Rohni bugyal trek, Bisuri tal treks.

About Chopta  Tungnath trek – Chopta tungnath trek is a famous and well managed trek for the  beginners. A trek to world’s highest shiva temple “Tungnath mahadev” will refresh you in the Himalayas. The distance from Chopta to Tungnath is 4 km and if you are first time doing any trek in Himalayas, 2 hours to 3 hours estimated time you will take for this trek. If you do regular trek then 1 to 1: 30 hours will take for reaching Tungnath from Chopta. After reaching Tungnath mahadev temple you can do Chandrashila trek which is one and half km from Tungnath temple. So completing chandrashila trek from chopta will take 3 to 5 hours.   

Hotels and resort in chopta near tungnath trek – There are limited numbers of hotel and resorts in chopta valley so avoid last minute hustle in booking. We truly recommend you to kindly make sure that you have booked your stay in Chopta before coming to chopta. Here Forest Eco Resort Chopta is a best recommended hotel and resort in chopta near tungnath trek. So Book Forest Eco Resort Chopta as your best stay in chopta Uttarakhand. Call/WhatsApp for bookings – 9760923032.

Chopta tungnath trekking facilities in resort – As Chopta tungnath chandrashila trek is a normal trek, you can easily do this trek but all you need is trekking equipments for the  Chopta tungnath trekking.  If you are looking Chopta tungnath trekking facilities in resort so here Forest Eco Resort chopta has all the trekking equipment on rental basis. Trekking equipment along with trekking guide/trekking support team is available for you at Forest Eco Resort Chopta Uttarakhand. Search “ Chopta tungnath trekking facilities in resort “  and book forest eco resort for your comfortable stay and warm hospitality in chopta valley. And don’t’ worry about Chopta tungnath trekking facilities in resort.

Things to do in chopta – Along with trekking and camping you can do many more things and activities in chopta valley Uttarakhand Himalayas. The road of chopta is really amazing for cycling, running, walking, music event, yoga and meditation, riverside walk, forest walk, jungle safari, bird watching, village tours,s and much more.

Important Tips: Tungnath Trek

If you are planning to go to Tugnath then keep these tips handy. These signs will only make your journey hassle-free and enjoyable.

There are no major halting points from Chopta to Tungnath, it is best to take plenty of water, trekking boots, warm clothes, raincoats, sunscreen, first-aid kits, and doctor-prescribed medicines.

  • For example, consume light snacks when needed for glucose, chocolate, biscu

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