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About Forest Eco Resort Group

Homely to the mountains of Uttarakhand and with a deep desire to serve the space that we belong to - Forest Eco Resort is a group of like minded individuals and properties who crave to bloom the tourism industry of the state and take it into a track which is educative, informative, comfortable and worth visiting again. The belongingness towards the culture and traditions of mountains where we have grown up in and learned from is what drives our spark in a direction that has created numerous opportunities for people and places and has constantly been a major source of an effective travel boost in the areas we function in. Formed as Forest Eco Resort Chopta - a camping and outdoor learning property in the year 2017, the Forest Eco Resort Group currently functions as 7 hotels, homestays and hostels across the state and is a logistic support to over 100 more venues in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. One of the fastest growing accommodation chains in North India, we believe in creating a persona of our personal experiences with the mountains, tagging them into numerous experiences for our guests and then delivering products that create a fine journey of living under the lap of nature, more beautiful and desirable. Forest Eco Resort Group believes in quality and purpose and we are always dedicated towards a sustainable and effective mode of travel in the Himalayas. The keen desire to give back to the mountains always remains in our core and we believe in taking care of the mountains in every way possible while doing it for the clients who are here to travel and experience the essence of the Himalayas and for the people who are around us working together to make things happen. We believe that every service that provide has to be top-notch and perfect on its own for our guests to have the most beautiful experience in the hills and in the hope to grow along with you, we welcome you to be a part of this journey that would give you another perspective towards your life, nature, mountains and everything that you’re seeking for.